Blue Puffle

Available Yes
Attitude Content, loyal and a team player.
Favorite toys Beach Ball
Play action Super: Bounces a huge beach ball on its mouth.

Normal: Bounces on top of a beach ball. Weak: Rolls a small beach ball along the ground.

Dance Bounces up and down (Like the Red Puffle)
Tongue color Lilac
Speed Slow
Special features Loyal
Elite Puffle Items Beanie, 3 snowballs
Favorite Games None
ID 750

Blue Puffles were the most loyal and friendly type of puffles in Club Penguin. They were the most iconic puffle in Club Penguin, being a representative of their species and also being the most commonly adopted puffle, being available to non-members. They were first discovered at the Ice Rink and they were one of the four original puffles. The blue Elite Puffle is named Bouncer and she had a very good aim at throwing snowballs. They were the first non-member puffle, and were very easy to take care of.

History Edit

Blue Puffles were the first puffles in Club Penguin. These puffleswere one of the four original puffles to be discovered in Club Penguin. They were first spotted at some places in November 2005, including at the Town. They were available for all penguins to adopt on March 17, 2006.[1]

Characteristics Edit

Attitude: Loyal, content and a team player.

Favorite toys: Beach ball and Ball with Stars

Elite Puffle Items: Beanie, Snowballs.

Special facts: Easy to care for.

Favorite game: Unknown.

Play: Bounces a beach ball up and down.

Play: Rolls the ball with stars in a line.

Bath: Washes itself with a sponge and then gets out and shakes itself dry.

Favorite Food: Pretzels

Gum: Blows a bubble then puts it back in its mouth. Shows you the bubble inside its mouth.

Dance: Bounces up and down.

Postcard: It is on a beach ball and is holding a bag on a stick.

Brush: Gives the Blue Puffle a hair style similar to George Washington's.

Puffle Handbook Description Edit

They’re known for their awesome team work. Few realize that each week, blue Puffles eat their weight in cookies.

Famous Blue puffles Edit

There are six famous Blue Puffles. They are:

  1. Bouncer - One of the elite puffles.
  2. Destructo - A puffle appeared in the Secret Mission #9.
  3. Fluffy - A not very intelligent puffle that makes appearances in 2 comics.
  4. EleanorMae - Aunt Arctic's blue puffle.

Trivia Edit

  • You could use it in the games Puffle Launch and Pufflescape.
  • There was a Blue Puffle level in the minigame Puffle Rescue.
  • Blue was the default color in My Puffle.
  • The Blue Puffle was one of the four puffles that were discovered first in Club Penguin. The other puffles were the pink, black, and green puffles.
  • The Elite Blue Puffle was named Bouncer.
  • There used to be one in Ice Fishing before they discovered that the pink ones like swimming more than the blue ones. So they went and replaced it with a pink one instead.
  • It was the "cover puffle" for Puffle Roundup and the levels of Puffle Rescue.
  • Blue Puffles seemingly had a common interest in round objects such as beach balls, exercise balls, snowballs, etc.
  • Its favorite puffle hat is the Sombrero.
  • One is seen on the Join Team Blue postcard and Go Blue Background.
  • Another one is seen on both the SOS 30 and SOS 60 stamp.
  • The puffle emote (E+P) was a Blue Puffle.